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  Growing YOU

Whether you want to think of yourself as a brand, or not, you are!  The way that you market yourself is something that people will choose to align with, or to not.  You really do control the outcome. 

With over 100 events managed / promoted (ranging from artists/athletes like Juice Wrld, Rascal Flatts, Josh Turner, Lecrae, Duck Commander, Bubba Watson, Mercy Me, and many more), 2 companies that I have launched, over 200 properties sold, many speaking engagements in the last 15 years, There is no one locally that can help broaden your reach, or help you believe and use the gifts you have, than than the way I can. 


I will promise you authenticity, fun, encouragement, and brutal honesty as we progress in developing YOU!  I will not work with everyone, but only those who desire to grow their reach, while allowing me to dig into your mindset and bring that passion out.

I will also work with small teams within companies to create more fluid communication, authentic care, and help create a culture of a place people want to work, instead of looking forward to checking out.

The mindset that we have is the biggest thing that could be blocking us from the success that we are currently labeling as potential.  So many times we know how much potential we have, but yet stop at just thinking about it.  I will work my tail off to see you succeed, and will love looking back at the time people just said you had potential! 

Let's grow that event, that dream, that career into what we both know it can be! And while we do it, we will have a blast!

Use the information below to connect with me!  The first time we meet is always free, and then we will create a custom plan to get your mindset, your career, your business, your event where it needs to be, find that next house, or sell your current one!


Email Tug

Thanks for reaching out! Let me know how I can serve you! - Tug

Contact Info
Tug Taviano (Real Estate/Marketing/Event Mgmt), 419.236.3107


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