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COUNT EM! - My thoughts on Brandon Lake's new song!

Music has a unique ability to touch the depths of our souls and resonate with our experiences. Brandon Lake's song, "Count Em," is a powerful anthem that not only captivates us with its catchy melody but reminds me of hope, faith, and the transformative and unwavering power of God. In this blog post, we'll explore the essence of "Count Em" and how its message mirrors the profound ways in which God can work in our lives.


Understanding "Count Em":


"Count Em" is a song that celebrates the miraculous and transformative nature of God's love. Brandon Lake uses the metaphor of counting the ways God has moved in our lives, emphasizing the countless blessings, miracles, and breakthroughs that God can bring. The song is a call to reflect on the goodness of God, the strength we have in Him, and to acknowledge His steady faithfulness.



It did not stop with the stories in the Bible, it has continued through us:


1. Overflowing Grace:

The lyrics of "Count Em" remind us of the overflowing grace of God. In the same way that the song encourages us to count the ways God has blessed us, our lives are filled with instances of God's grace. From small daily blessings to life-altering moments, God's grace is ever-present, inviting us to recognize it, appreciate it, and live in it!


2. Unconditional Love:

One of the core messages of the song is the unconditional love of God. Similarly, in our lives, God's love knows no bounds. It's a love that surpasses understanding, forgives our shortcomings, and embraces us in our entirety. "Count Em" encourages us to meditate on this divine love and allow it to transform our perspectives.


3. Redemption and Restoration, and sometimes the ability to walk away with His promise:

Just as the song speaks of God's ability to redeem and restore, our lives are a testament to God's power to turn brokenness into beauty. The lyrics inspire us to count the moments of healing, restoration, and redemption that God has orchestrated in our lives, reminding us that no situation is beyond His transformative touch. Also, at some point, God will also give you the strength to walk away from situations out of your control, to leave them to Him!


4. Faith in Action:

"Count Em" is a call to action, prompting us to actively recognize and celebrate God's work in our lives. Similarly, our faith in God is not passive; it involves actively acknowledging His presence, trusting His plan, and living in the assurance that He is at work, even during challenges. So what are you going to do with it?  We all think we should just pray for people and wait on God, yet God is asking us sometimes to know that He is waiting on us to move!


In Conclusion, it is amazing to understand the ways that God has fire in His eyes, yet forgiveness in His Heart. He makes demons cower when they hear His name, yet saying His name gives us the greatest peace.  His power makes Goliath look small yet gives us the ability to stand against anything. So, during this season, where people are counting on you to respond, react, and where they are out to attack you, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, COUNT ON THE PEACE, THE POWER, AND THE ABILITY TO STAND ON HIS PROMISES, NOT THEIR OPINION!COUNT EM…you will be counting forever, if you try and count His mercies, His power, His love towards you!  That’s the math I like! Watch the video to the song by clicking here, and take action in what God wants you to!



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