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Don't work with me because we are friends!

When you read the title of this blog, you were possibly drawn in, due to the statement that you may think I do not want to work with you... that is not the case, but please do me a favor as you go about business, do not work with someone, just because they are your friend.

In the area of real estate, I hear it alot, we are working with so and so, because we have known them for years. Now do not get me wrong, I truly appreciate a friend that calls and says they want to work with me, but I want it to be more about the results, the work ethic, the last four years, and them knowing that I will tirelessly work on their property until it sells, it's just how I operate. There are many things that you need to do when you are choosing to list your home, or purchase your next one, and when you choose to work with me, we will meet, and at the end of every listing, or first time we meet at a property appointment, you will hear me say, I am not the agent for everyone. This shows my potential clients, that I am ok, if they choose to work with someone else, but this is due to me being bluntly honest, outside of the box marketing, and probably an unorthodox style of selling that has helped me build relationships and sell over 150 properties in 4 years. My relationships mean the world to me, as does your friendship, but friendship does not sell your home, knowing the pulse of the market for pricing, marketing well, and having great relationships with other agents does. So I do not care if you were not planning on working with me, or you were thinking about working with someone else, I would ask that you simply make sure your agent knows what they are doing, and will not just view your house as another listing. Maybe there is a name you simply have known for years, make sure you know that the market, and marketing has shifted in the last year, and I believe your agent needs to consistently do the same! I am blessed to do what I do, and to simply spend so much time on trying to set your listing apart, maintaining authentic relationships with agents from other agencies, setting my marketing up to be catchy, professional, outside of the box, that you will give me the opportunity to get you into your next home or sell your current one!

Call me at 419.236.3107, let's grab coffee.

Thanks for reading,


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