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Why did I create this website?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Sometimes in life you sit back and think on how your life has transpired, and all that you have went through to get where you are at today! In the last 15 years I have went through many situations that I am thankful for, and how they have taught me to not only persevere, but have pushed me to new heights. Whether it has been the over 150 concerts/events that I have promoted, the loss of loved ones, over 50 real estate transactions, a divorce, creating a golf company that has seen competitors come from 7 different states/2 countries, getting re-married to the woman of my dreams and becoming a bonus dad, I have never allowed myself to miss a step, or even think about going backwards. That being said, I have heard from a lot of people, that say I inspire them to be better, to stay positive, to keep pushing, so I took a step back and said, it's time to go to work. My desire is to not only see you thrive, but to work with you and your team to create events that do the same, work with your employees/yourself to maintain that positive mindset, to work with you in real estate to find that house you have dreamed of or sell your current one, or to see your company come alongside Big Money Golf, and allow us the opportunity to market you in an outside of the box manner! So, I welcome you all to the "tuglife", where I exist to encourage, push, further careers, companies, and market in ways that will give you a presence to many, that you may have not been able to reach. I promise you one thing, I will be authentic, not perfect, and allow you to see into my life, as I take this journey!

Thanks to my wife Heather, for believing in me, and encouraging me daily to be who I am, it feels good to finally be exactly who God created me to be!

If you believe that I can help you, your company, or would like to be a part of Big Money Golf, use the contact button and reach out! Let's do this! Tug Taviano 419.236.3107

The fam! (Tanner, Cora, Heather, Tug, Abby, Morgan, Reese)

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