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Hey God, I can take it from here!

We live in a time when if you stand for “your” morals, you are considered against everyone, and when people don’t accept your morals/standards, it is considered inclusive/accepting. I am one who believes that God’s grace is for everyone, yet God’s accountability is the standard by which we should live. I am a Christian, and believe that everything/everyone is God’s creation. I also believe that for some reason you were the fastest swimmer before you were born, and out of millions of others, you made it, and were assigned a gender by God, and that is freaking amazing. I firmly believe there are only 2 genders, and there is only 1 God.

We believe in creation by God, correct? If God created us in our mother’s womb, why do we then think it is ok to say to God, thank you for making me, but I’m going to take it from here. You see that is the problem that happens not just with gender, not just with sexuality, but with every facet of life that we have, God has a plan for us, and then we say, I’ll take it from here.

Before we dive into this topic, deeper, I want to tell you that it is perfectly fine to disagree, and to still be able to discuss, have coffee, live in the same city, and even be friends. I have close friends who have way different lifestyles than I do, and it is amazing what can happen, when you can respectfully disagree. Now don’t get me wrong, God loves when we take power in His authority, but I do not think He is a God that says let me get you so far, and then throw Me out, and I will be so grateful. So what power does God want us to take? What authority does He want us to have? Is it to consistently bash each other for being human, and of a sinful nature, or is it an authority against the one who loves to rip people apart? The area that no one wants to talk bout is the target that we all are to stay in sin, and some of us will even go far enough to say what we choose is not sin, because we want to still feel that God is ok with us being in that mindset, and that lifestyle. I am not here to tell you what you do is wrong, but I am here to walk daily, trying to figure out with God, where is the fine line that we stand on as believers. My fine line is His grace is sufficient, and my job is to live, love, and have discussions like this that at the end of the day can get people thinking (including myself) on why we do the things we do. So how did you feel when I said there are 2 genders and 1 God? Were you like, heck yah Tug, preach it? Were you like, I can’t believe he said that in this day and age, we need to be careful as Christians to not upset anyone? Or were you like me, I am thankful to believe the way I do, love you in the middle of where you are, and hope that by something in my life, it will bring you closer to knowing there is a God that loves you, no matter how you have been wounded!

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