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My response is my responsibility… I say it all the time.

Over the last few years, I’ve been through some stuff, that has been rough, but I would not change any of it for anything. As I am sitting here on my 43rd birthday, the biggest thing that God has taught me through it all is, your response is your responsibility. When people treat you a certain way, when those who may try and effect your life in a certain manner, or may be envious of your position, or that you are happy, don’t respond with anything that would take you out of the will that God has for you.

When you are walking, distractions happen! When things are going well, people want to deter that!

When you are happy, you will have those that aren’t try and push that on you!

Don’t fall for it, it’s a trap. No, I’m not perfect, and there are responses in certain situations in the last years that I have not reflected what I am saying is the way to go. That is why we are human, we don’t fail, we just do things that cause tuition to be paid or nothing to be learned. I will choose tuition. Every day is an opportunity to choose peace, to choose joy, to choose to impact those in your life and not spend time that will deter you from doing this. Those that matter, matter. Those that don’t matter to you, still matter to God, and we should reflect the mentality in that way.

So how do we do this, it’s not that simple to say, or to give you a 3 point step process that will get you there. The advice I give you is something that my wife says to me in a consistent basis, practice the pause. Before you respond, think, and when you think, sometimes a non-response is what is needed. The weather in your head, determines the climate of your day! The way to control this, is to give it all to God! When you let God fight your battles, you have already won! Thanks for reading!


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