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Never step back, process while continuing to move!

I hear a lot of people say that sometimes you need to step back, or take a step backwards before you move forward, and to them I ask the question, why? Why should anyone stop moving in the direction that you are to go, even when you go through things that would some times cause people to shut down. I understand that this thought pattern that I have, is out there, and a lot of people think that I am too optimistic, why? I do not think I will ever look back and think that I thought too positive about a situation. There have been moments in my life that I could have taken a different turn, and got sucked into negativity, which could ultimately lead into depression, but I have chosen to leave every day, better than it started. How do I get this mindset? I guess the only way I can explain it, is that God has given me the ultimate ability to not only have thick skin, with a caring heart, but to let things roll off me like water off a duck's back. Now do not get me wrong, I have went through some difficult times in my life, divorce, death of friends and loved ones, losing a job, changing jobs, hearing of a former person I respected blasting my name in public, but are those things really put in your life to stop you from progressing? My answer has and always will be no! I am just going to hit on a few things that may help people see how I shift. The first being the divorce, and I will not get into any specifics of what happened, it takes two people to get divorced, just like it does to get married. The decision to get divorced comes from a place, where you know there has to be more to life, than the consistency of how things were going. You do not just get up one day, and say... I think we should get divorced. If you were to tell me that within a year of being divorced, I would find my best friend, and my kids would love their bonus mom, more than I could ever imagine, and I would have 2 bonus daughters, I would not have bet on it. You see God has a way of working things out, that men will always question. You have got to know that what you are going through is worth it, and that if you are not in it to better everything, including you, then go ahead and mope around... I would rather see things progress. The next thing I would like to hit on, is how I allow negative comments to fuel my positivity. I worked my tail off for someone, and that person was someone I looked up to since 1st grade. After close to a year of working for this person, I chose to make a business decision to better my career, and work somewhere else. I had someone come up to me, and let me know that this person called me a "one hit wonder", which could have infuriated me, but instead it left me desiring more. The name "one hit wonder" was something that lit a fire under me, and then allowed me to message this person and say, no matter what is said about me, I will not talk bad about them in public. That sometimes has been hard to do, but what good does it do to bash someone, who may be offended that you left, because they are not used to people leaving for potentially bettering themselves. So the way that I continue this positivity is something that I will never understand, but I am glad I am able to. The big thing in my mind is that I have to better myself, I have to think strongly of myself in the career that I am in, and I have to encourage those around me , in my circle to do the same. This is why if you get to know me now, it is a lot different than back then, when I wanted others approval. I had tons of friends, no acquaintances, and always wanted to be known. Now, I want to leave an impact on all that I meet by choosing to better myself and give each day my best. That includes being brutally honest with others, starting with me. Sorry for the rambling, but this is just how I process through the Tuglife.

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