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To build a better us, it starts by building a better me!

In the past few months, I have been my biggest advocate, and yet my biggest enemy. I want to be the best dad, husband, individual, friend, and family member I can be, yet I tend to sometimes not really care. No, I am not talking about actually caring or loving my wife, kids, friends, clients mentally, but decisions that I can make in regards to fitness, eating, and other aspects that contribute to being here for them. One thing I am realizing, however, is that these two areas, mentally, and physically actually coincide more than we think.

So while dissecting these areas of my life, I realized that one of them has not been better, while the other has not been worse in the last 5 years. So, if I am truly desiring to lead by example for my family, clients, and self, can one of these areas be great, and the other be left alone. To me, the answer is absolutely not. As many of you know, I live life to the fullest, not caring what people think, other than those around me, and if I am loved for who I authentically am, then that is good enough for me. My gorgeous, caring, and supportive wife, Heather, has shown me what love is, and I know loves me no matter what, however, even though I love her with all of me, as well as the kids, am I loving them the best by not dedicating myself to physically being in great shape?

So I began doing what most people do, who have been lazy with workouts, eating, drinking, etc, begin researching diets, and short term plans that will get me the physical results that I need in a quick fashion. Then my quest of being the best me kicked in, and said, Tug… these supplements, and diets did not help you lose the 75 lbs the first time, so what do you need to shift this time. The dialogue went as far as reaching out to former colleagues that ran these plans, checking on their new initiatives, almost pulling the trigger on spending a good amount of money on supplements that may work, but knowing deep down, that I am the one that needs the change.

I let it go, I let the mentality of choosing poorly go, and decided that I am going to go on this new mission of bettering myself physically, mentally, spiritually, and although I have never been happier, I do not want my clients to have the second best agent (at least to me), so why should I give myself and those around me, the second best me.

After going back and forth on the supplement thing, and how it would be the easiest to do , I saw a post by a long-time friend, BJ Thompson (who I met through touring with Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Tedashii and other 116 Clique events), on his Build a Better Us site, and it hit me. That is what you need to do, to have a better us, you have to have the best you! To have a great family, it starts with me, physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, I have committed to this new thinking of choosing better, better food, better planning, better outlook, and ultimately will see so much growth, while the physical side will take shape.

What am I doing, CHOOSING ME! I am choosing to do 5 days of workouts weekly, I am choosing to eat well, I am choosing to giving up craft beer, or beer in general, I am choosing to make the decisions now, that will lead to a habitual thought pattern of good.

WHY? Because of the results I am after in all facets of my life, and the 5 on earth that I live for.

Yah, I may have a cigar from time to time on the golf course or patio, but most importantly, I’m back, and have not had a clearer mindset.

Whatever you think about you become, and what I want to be is the best husband, dad, realtor, marketer, friend, encourager, and how can I do that if I do not become the best me!

So Heather, I love you, more than I ever known I could love a woman, and I am committed to being your best husband.

Morgan, Reese, Tanner, Abby, and Cora, I want to be your dad/bonus dad for a very long time and be able to go on runs, and just be present.

Friends, I want to encourage better, clients, I want to move quicker, and family members I want to show you how to change your outlook, by making better decisions.

Tug, I want to be the best in every area, and to do that, we need to conquer this flippant health area.

If you have read this and you desire to do the same, I would like to sit with you, or message on how I can help encourage!

And to BJ Thompson, thanks for being an ambassador of good! In all areas, if it was not for how you lead, I would not have decided to put this accountability in your hands ;)

So lets build a better us, by beginning to build a better me!

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