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When your perseverance, matches your clients patience!

If you know one thing about me, I will work transparently, full throttle, and exhaust every personal effort to get a house that I have listed to sell. Sometimes there are things that we come up against as agents that we do not understand, and that is when we have a house that we know should sell, has not moved, and our marketing is where we think it should be. That leads me to a story about clients that chose to trust me, that I had never met before, thanks to the referral of some friends of mine that saw the way I marketed.

Let me introduce you to Joe and Lisa Brauitigam, who messaged me to show them properties, and we quickly got a house that they were looking at under contract, and they decided to move forward with the purchase, without the contingency of their home selling. This excited me, because I truly thought their house would sell super fast as well. And no, I was not just saying that to get their business, like others may do. They had a nice property in a nice neighborhood, in one of the school districts that people desire. We priced it right, marketed it well, and for some reason, the house almost expired. Now that is not saying, we did not get offers, because we did. However, sometimes an offer, is potentially what I as an agent think could be great, but with the transparency of my clients, was not what they expected. I work for them, and want them to get the results they know we should, so we turned them down and kept going. With two days left in the listing, I was ready to let it go, to allow another agent even from a different agency to take the listing, not because I do not believe in what I do, or that I did not market the property well. Simply, sometimes, when a listing expires, and it is signed with a new agent, it almost will come across as a different house, and will go under contract in the first week. I just wanted this property to sell for the best interest of Joe and Lisa. Needless to say, we got a strong offer with 2 days left, accepted it, and just closed this morning! I want to let you you know that the honesty, trust, frustrations, and ultimately patience of my clients aligned with the perseverance, marketing, and belief that I had in their property selling. So Joe and Lisa, I want to give you complete thanks, and let you know that I was, and am proud to be your agent. I thank you for trusting your friends with the referral, and appreciate the ability to serve you. To people that are looking for an agent, or others who are looking to refer an agent, I want you to know that I do not think I am the perfect agent, but I do know that I do not do this just for the income, I count it as a huge responsibility to have the trust of someone choosing to work with me, and will not stop until your property sells, or we find you one! And if we turn over every stone, and for some reason it does not work out, I still say thank you for the trust. And if you have a home that is expiring, or someone is looking to extend, sometimes the best thing is to not extend, but to give that property a new look by working with a new agent. I would like to be that one! Thanks again, Tug Taviano, Realtor Real Living CCR Realtors


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